Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

Motoxtreme Sport supply a range of parts and accessories for the motorcycle sport. Parts include everything from chains, levers, sprockets, lights, ignition parts, sticker kits, tyres and quad trike tyres. Brands we supply include Thumpster, Kazuma, KTM, Suzuki, Kawazaki, Honda, Husky and many more.

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Motorcycle Tyres

We supply a range of tyres in the following brands: Bridgestone, Perelli, Veerubber

Quad & Trike Tyres

We supply a range of tyres for quad bikes and trikes. Including Paddle tires, Geckos and All Terrain Tyres.

Paddle tires are mainly used on off road vehicles, specifically designed for use in sand. They consist of a smooth tire core which has a series of large rubber cups (or paddles) attached to it. The volume inside of a paddle is much larger than the void of a knobby tire, so it is unlikely to clog up with sand. The paddle provides superior traction in the sand, in part, because the paddles dig into the sand and push off from the buried sand, not just the surface.
Paddle tires are available for motocross bikes, all-terrain vehicles, sandrails, and 4 wheel drives. Because the paddles are rigid and stick up several inches, they are not suitable for use on roads or hard terrain.

All Terrain Tyres. When you are looking for a compromise between off-road capability and good on-road manners, an All-Terrain (AT) tyre is the way to go. These tyres offer good versatility by offering capability on a wide variety of surface types, from dry sealed roads to dirt tracks and fair mud play. All in all, AT tyres are more robust than HT tyres and are suited to roughly 50% off-road use.

Motorbike & Thumpster Parts

MotoXtreme supply a range of quality motocycle and Thumpster parts including chains, levers, srockets, lights, ignition parts, and sticker kits. Brands carried include Kazuma parts, KTM parts, Suzuki parts, Kawasaki parts, Honda parts, Husky / Husqvarna parts.